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The Essential Thing in Fine Cooking

Robert Stocker:
"My favorite dish? Any real good food!"

If tasty high-quality basic products are improved and highlighted by aromatic spices, you will have a delicious dish in the end.

I am proud of having been standing for high-quality basic products for a long time. After a period of intensive search I now also offer high-quality spices that can be used together with high-quality food to create unique delicacies for really special dishes.

Ingo Holland, one of the best German cooks had run one of the top 50 restaurants in Germany until recently. For quite a long time meanwhile, he has been dedicating himself with heart and soul to spices and spice blends.
His spices and spice blends are now available in our stores.

The spices range from sweet to hot, they bend a bow from Europe to Asia, Africa and South America, from conventional European cooking to exotic delicacies. To name only a few, just give a try to one of the following:
Baharat - a spice blend from the Gulf region -,
Raz el Hanout - a Moroccan couscous spice blend -,
Vadouvan - a specialty from India -
or Purple Curry.
If you prefer local cooking I am sure you will be delighted with our spice blends for Hungarian goulash or lamb dishes. With various vanilla flavors you will make your desserts very special.
Should you have been thinking that pepper is just pepper and salt is just salt - then

just nose into some of our test jars - you will surely be quite surprized!

Please note: These spices and spice blends are that aromatic that you need only 40 % of the quantum you would need of other spices!

It´s worth a try, you will be delighted!