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+49 (8102)


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Barbecue Service - That Will Make You Happy!

Certainly you know the following situation:

You had been looking forward to your barbecue for weeks. However, you being the host, meet your guests only when they pick up another bratwurst while you are standing at the grill all the time.

We can help you:

  • we do the job at the hot grill,
  • we provide special catering grills (also for hire)
  • we prepare up to 1000 BBQ items per afternoon and evening
  • we install everything according to your wishes
  • if you wish we see to service personnel
  • we provide fresh BBQ items, e.g. steaks, sausages, meat skewers, salads etc.
  • we furnish beverages incl. appropriate glasses, plates and cutlery.

From the ashtray to the party tent - we provide everything.

Our all-around service guarantees a perfectly organized and successful party.

You see to your program and spend time with your guests.
We see to the grill and provide food and drink for your guests.

We don´t mind getting our hands dirty for you while you keep your hands clean!


We are looking forward to your call!

Your BBQ Team Robert Stocker
Phone: 0 81 02 - 82 59