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Metzgerei Stocker

Dorfstrasse 8

D-85662 Hohenbrunn


+49 (8102)



+49 (8102)


Metzgerei Stocker Angabote

Catering und Party Service in Munich!

The carte shows a selection of the assorted plates, buffet specialities, drinks and beverages we offer.
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Our ambition is to particularly pamper you and your guests. Whether you are planning a small private party, a company party, a reception or a big event - for parties with up to 1000 guests, our catering service will satisfy all your wishes.

Our gourmet buffets with in-house made culinary delicacies will leave no culinary wishes unfulfilled. We provide savory home-made local specialities, e.g. a traditional Bavarian Snack during the Oktoberfest, but also buffets with international touch.

We place particular value on a customized, elegantly decorated ambiance to make your party an exclusive event - characterized by good vibes and elegance.

We love to do all the planning, organizing, decorating, cooking and the service for you beforehand.

Just call us ! - Phone number 08102 - 8259   - and then -  ask your guests to enjoy the buffet!

Robert Stocker