bei BIO und konventionellen Produkten.

Metzgerei Stocker

Dorfstrasse 8

D-85662 Hohenbrunn


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+49 (8102)


Metzgerei Stocker Angabote

Introducing Ourselves!

Our butchery was founded on 1.5.1994 with one store each in Hohenbrunn and Ottobrunn.
From the beginning, we have been seeking to offer highest quality at reasonable prices to our customers.
In 1999, a third store was established in Neubiberg.

The BSE scandal in 2000 caused us to rethink our concept regarding eco products. Since then, we have been supplying beef, veal and pork in eco quality only. As prices differ, we offer pork and poultry both conventionally produced and in organic quality. The same applies to our variety of sausages, hams and cheeses: you may choose between conventionally and organically produced food.
Our variety of food offered is now extended by lots of additional tasty culinary treats. We are proud to offer wild Alaska salmon, tuna, swordfish and escolar, all wild caught.

2006 we opened our stores  in Vaterstetten.

Another service we offer is our party and event service - for your company party, birthday party, Christmas party or barbecue.

We also organize major events.

Your master butcher

Robert Stocker